Policy for Personal Information Protection

MONOKAKIDO Co. Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”) acknowledges that Personal Information provided by our customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) is important information related to the Customer’s privacy, and we shall comply with laws and regulations regarding Personal Information and handle the Personal Information in accordance with the following protection policy.

“Personal Information” shall mean names, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers and any other information by which an individual can be identified (including any information that can be readily collated with other information and thereby used to identify a specific individual).

  1. We shall use the Personal Information provided by the Customer only within the scope necessary for the following purposes of use. In receiving Personal Information from the Customer, we shall clarify the purpose of use to the Customer. If the purpose of use is changed, we shall disclose it immediately on this web page, etc.
    1. Use of the AppSee details
      • We save the following Personal Information on the Customer's device as part of the process of using our app products. If the Customer should make use of iCloud synchronization, part or all of this Personal Information will be sent to and saved on iCloud. With the exception of iCloud, this Personal Information will never be sent to an external source, including us.
      • iOS apps
        • Dictionary app
          • Bookmark, Display history, Search history
          • iCloud synchronization (Bookmark)
        • Illustrated book app
          • Favorite, History
          • iCloud synchronization (Favorite)
        • Vocabulary app, Kanken app
          • Performance, Learning records, Checkmark
          • iCloud synchronization (Performance, Learning records, Checkmark)
        • Statute app
          • Sticky note, Bookmark, Favorite, History (law, article, precedent summary)
          • Favorite, History, Picture
      • macOS apps
        • Kawasemi, Kawasemi 2
          • Name, License key (Both entered during installation)
          • User dictionary (Including study information)
          • iCloud synchronization (User dictionary, Key allocation, Romaji rule, Preferences) * Kawasemi 2 only
        • egword Universal 2
          • Personal Information is not collected.
    2. Use of the ServiceSee details
      • We collect the following Personal Information as part of the process of using our services.
      • Upon purchasing Kawasemi
        • Name, e-mail address
        • Credit card information is managed by PayPal and is not viewed or saved by us.
        • See here for more information on the PayPal privacy policy.
      • Upon purchasing iOS app, egword Universal 2
        • Personal Information is not collected.
        • Buyer information is linked to the buyer's Apple ID and is managed by Apple Inc.
        • We cannot access any Personal Information related to the Customer's Apple ID (including purchase history).
      • User support
        • Name, e-mail address
        • Product in use, device/OS version in use, inquiry details
        • In the case that additional information is required for a particular inquiry, we may contact the Customer to make a request for that information.
      • Web services
        • Access analysis
          • We perform access analyses only within our company websites using a method which does not identify individuals.
          • We never provide access information to third parties.
        • Affiliate program
          • Our websites make use of the iTunes Affiliate Program.
  2. We shall not obtain Personal Information by false or unlawful means, but by means of proper procedures.
  3. We shall take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss and damage of Personal Information we handle as well as to ensure safe management of other personal data. We shall also provide necessary and appropriate supervision to our employees who are engaged in handling Personal Information to ensure the safe management of such Personal Information.
  4. We shall not sell Personal Information. We shall not provide Personal Information to any third party without the Customer’s prior consent, unless laws and regulations regarding Personal Information provide for otherwise or we entrust our business operations to our business partner.
  5. If we entrust the whole or part of the handling of Personal Information to our business partner, we shall provide necessary and appropriate supervision to such business partner to ensure the safe management of Personal information whose handling is entrusted.
  6. If the Customer requests us to disclose, correct or delete the Customer’s Personal Information, we shall immediately respond to such request after verifying the Customer’s identification and endeavor to keep the contents of such Personal Information accurate and up to date. If the Customer has any inquiries about correction or deletion, etc., please contact us from “here”.
  7. Some of our services provided on our website use cookies. If the Customer sets web browser to refuse cookies, the Customer may be unable to use part of such services.
  8. The Personal Information provided by the Customer may be disclosed or provided to a third party for product development or user support as data processed in such a manner as to prevent identification of any specific individual.
  9. We shall comply with laws and regulations regarding Personal Information and any other rules and norms with respect to Personal Information possessed by us.
  10. This Policy for Personal Information Protection shall be amended as necessary in accordance with changes in laws and regulations regarding Personal Information and changes in social circumstances.


CEO: Norihito Hirose

Updated: June 15, 2018

Effective from: April 1, 2008